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Satellite technology pioneer notes Canada downplayed its defining role in the sector

Bob Huck was the first man to transmit a TV signal to the world’s first 12/14 GHz communications satellite in 1976 You know you’re a pioneer in a field when you install components with serial numbers that are numbered 00001 and 00002, even if they don’t work! At the time, Bob Huck was so intent […]

Space Program Pioneer Reflects on the Past and Future for Exploration

If Larry Maynard’s small plane C-FWFB hadn’t malfunctioned in the middle of the night in 1977, one may never know what the world of satellite-based search and rescue would look like today. As luck would have it, the emergency locator transmitter did go off in his Lake Buccaneer Amphibian due to an electrical short then […]

History of the Space Economy in Canada

The global space market is expected to reach over $1 trillion by 2040. Statistics show that Canada holds a 1.3 percent share in that market. The country’s space sector adds $2.5 billion to the economy as well as 21,000 jobs. Timeline: 1957 – 1958 – Canada and the U.S. cooperate to create the Churchill Research […]

Canada in Space: The Revitalization of Canada’s Space Economy

In 2012 and 2013, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield spent 166 days in space as the commander of the International Space Station.  He brought pathos and humor through his experience using social media posts and entertaining videos about life in space and inspired many to engage with the Canadian space economy. Canada remains today one of […]

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